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Pole Fitness

Beginners Intensive

This 5 hour workshop will consist of practical and theoretical elements to help improve your pole skills and further your progression. You will learn the importance of shoulder engagement, how to apply and drills to improve. The importance of active flexibility and its application to your pole training as well as recapping a range of tricks and the common mistakes to avoid.


Suitable for all levels.

*must have completed beginners Pole Fitness

Sunday 5th September

10 - 3:30


Introduction to Heels

This workshop is suitable for anyone looking to improve their pole dance and choreo skills. The workshop will focus on the importance of ankle conditioning, weight distribution, balance, how to walk, dance and perform tricks all whilst wearing pole heels.


Suitable for any level. Must have completed introduction to Pole Fitness. Heels required

Friday 15th April

6:30 - 8


Lap Dance 

Master the art of seduction in our lap dance workshop. Slinky and sexy movements broken down into easy to learn sequence. confidence boosting and so much fun! 

Friday 4th Feb

6:30 8