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Membership Packs

In order to ensure the safest environment for our clients, we offer a credit based membership system. Its super flexible and gives members full control of which classes they book and how frequently.

Memberships are available to anyone who has completed our introductory courses. 

If you are new to our studio, please ensure you have registered for an introductory course first 



Pole Membership



5 classes



8 classes 



10 classes

2 x Practice sessions



12 classes

2 x practice sessions


per month

Hoop Membership



5 classes per month



8 classes per month


per month

The Image Cella-25.jpg

Studio Membership



4 pole classes

4 hoops classes



6 Pole classes

4 Hoop classes




8 Pole classes

4 Hoop classes

4 x Practice sessions



per month

Whats included in my membership?

Credits are renewed each month and can be used in any respective Pole Fitness or Aerial Hoop class at any time during the month. (you must have completed the relevant introductory course for each discipline in order to book these classes)

Because of the flexibility of our credit based system, it means you do not have to commit to the same class each week. If you are unable to attend one week, you can use extra credits on the weeks you are available. 

All classes can be booked up to 90 days in advance. Cancellations any later than 12 hours before a class start time will be treated as a late cancel and your credit will not be refunded. Classes cancelled earlier than 12 hours will ensure your credit is refunded. 


Unused credits cannot be carried over.

All membership packs require 30 days notice at the start of the month to cancel.

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