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Studio Policies


Housekeeping & Safety


Please remove all jewellery before entering the studio. Jewellery can easily get caught in equipment, casing injury to yourself or damage to equipment.


Long hair must be tied back to avoid getting caught in any rigging equipment


Please ensure all personal items leave the studio with you, this includes water bottles.  Any items left in the studio at the end of the evening will be removed and discarded. 


You are only permitted to practice moves you have been taught by a Flight Lab instructor in your class, at a private lesson or within a workshop. 


Please do not attempt to move or rig any equipment in the studio unsupervised or without the approval of an instructor. 


Correct Attire


Aerial fitness is just like any other fitness class, therefore correct and appropriate workout clothing is required. For aerial hoop / anti gravity yoga & silks classes, form fitting attire such as fitness leggings or running trousers are ideal. For a pole class we suggest fitted shorts or pole specific clothing. Vest tops and sports bras are suitable for all classes. Please note, any denim or regular underwear garments are not suitable not appropriate for aerial fitness sessions. 


During your warm up, we suggest you keep your layers on to ensure your body warms up safely. Feel free to wear trousers / leggings / leg warmers and jumpers during the warm up and remove layers as necessary once warm. 



Video & Photography


We love that our clients are proud of what they achieve and want to share this with the world. However we must also be aware of the respect and privacy of both instructors and other class participants. 

Please respect the privacy of other clients in your session by ensuring you have permission before capturing anyone else on camera. 

When posting to social media, pleas help us continue to build our brand and raise awareness by tagging the studio and respective instructor. 

Please seek permission before uploading choreography from a class. Always credit the instructor who's choreography you are posting. 

For safety reasons, please refrain from making calls and texts during class. This is to avoid any distractions that could lead to hazards or injury. 


Sickness Policy / Missing Classes


Whist every effort is made to offer an alternative session, if you are unable to attend your scheduled Pole Fitness or Aerial Hoop class The Flight Lab / Studio Dance & Fitness Ltd is not obliged to offer an alternative session. 


Should you have to cancel an anti gravity yoga or private lesson, 24 hours notice is required in order to receive a credit to rebook. Refunds are not given.


All workshop week bookings are non refundable.


In the unfortunate event that your are unwell due to D&V (diarrhoea and vomiting) we ask that you ensure you are 48hours clear of any episode of sickness before returning to the studio. Due to the nature of our classes, close contact and sharing of equipment, we exercise this rule to avoid further illness of clients and instructors. 


Should you know in advance that your are unable to make a one of your structured Pole Fitness or Aerial Hoop sessions due to holiday / prior arrangement, please advise us of this as soon as possible. This allows us to a) offer your space to someone else who is trying to catch up and b) we can then aim to find a place for your to catch up this session (either before or after the missed session)