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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a unique kind of workout, taking inspiration from yoga, pilates and dance. It involves a series of suspensions, stretches and inversions performed in the revolutionary silk hammock.


Whilst improving flexibility & core strength, it also gives your body the chance to hang freely, allowing your spine to lengthen and hydrate.  This in turn allows pressure to be released from joints and muscles, aiding stress relief and improving mobility, muscle function and proprioceptors.


Aerial Yoga is a complete workout designed to get you in shape whilst realigning your spine


When it comes to your fitness level, there are no restrictions. Whether you're an avid yoga lover or completely new to the idea, it is a workout that suits EVERYONE! 

Monday 5:15pm

How will I benefit from Aerial Yoga?

Zero compression inversions

Aids refreshment of the circulatory and lymphatic system

Hydration of vertebral disks.

Increased muscular flexibility

Core strengthening

Upper and lower body muscular strengthening

More astute sensory receptors response

Increased joint mobility

Low impact cardiovascular conditioning.

Increased command/response acuity.

Hormone stimulation.

Self-esteem enhancement through conquering basic fears.

Uniquely fun experience

Why should I try Aerial Yoga?


TOTAL body workout

Due to the suspended nature of Aerial Yoga classes, each movement targets almost every major muscle group in your body. As you hang through the hammock, your spine will decompress and your muscles and joints will move, flex, stretch, strengthen, and tone in a completely new way. As there is virtually no impact placed on joints, aerial yoga is safe to do for those with joint injuries or going through physical rehabilitation.


Promote health and wellbeing

As with other forms of yoga, Aerial Yoga is a mind-body experience and works to restore inner balance and healing inside your body. As gravity works to stretch, strengthen and tone muscles and eliminate physical toxins—it also works to strengthen the inner emotions and eliminate stress and anxiety and improve memory.


Improved strength and flexibility

As well as being great for your inner body, Aerial Yoga also boosts outer strength and overall flexibility.  In particular the abdominal muscles, mid and lower back made up of the hip flexors, muscles of the pelvic floor, external obliques, and lower back. All of this helps to make everyday movement much easier.


Something for everyone

Aerial Yoga is safe for almost everyone, at every fitness level as it removes impact and compression from the spine. Participants of all ages, and all body types will be surprised how freeing a signle session can be as you are lifted from the ground by the hammock and gravity distributes your weight evenly to support your workout.


Feel great afterwards

We’re all aware that exercise in general is positive for our moods, but Aerial Yoga literally makes your moods fly! The process of being upside down teamed with moving freely with the hammock, stimulates the brain, which in turn elevates mood due to the release of serotonin and endorphin hormones! Drink up this happy hormone cocktail and enjoy the natural high!


Improve Self-Confidence

As the hammock lifts your body it will also lift your self-confidence! As you enjoy the workout, you will learn to trust your hammock, overcome the initial fear of being upside down, and allow yourself to explore newfound strength, movement and awareness.

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