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Introduction to
Spinning Pole

Our brand new 3 week mini course focussing purely on the fundamentals of Spinning Pole techniques. 

This course is suitable for all levels of current polers. Please ensure you have completed introduction to pole fitness or an equivalent beginners course. 

During the 3 week course, we will cover the basics of movements on a  spinning pole, understanding how centrifugal force plays a huge part in the safe and effective execution of spinning pole techniques. 

You will learn how to control speed and momentum and how to apply this to a range of tricks and spins. 

Please be aware that spinning pole can cause more dizziness than static pole. You will adjust and get used to it, but if you are concerned, taking some motion sickness tablets / ginger supplements in advance can help reduce the effects.

Upcoming Courses

Tuesday 11th July 




Aerial Yoga

For the month of July, Aerial Yoga is back!


Every Monday at 8pm, join us to an hour of defying gravity in an aerial hammock. 

Suspend yourself and explore a new and exciting way to move your body in this unique workout. 

Suitable for all levels, no experience necessary. 





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Floor Tricks


This workshop will take your through all the fun tricks and skills we often see used on the floor during choreo classes.


We will cover shoulder rolls, shoulder stands, fish flops, trust falls. As well as safely learning how to safely and smoothly drop to the floor from the pole.



Suitable for all levels 

Tuesday 15th August

6:30 - 8pm


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