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10:00 - Daytime Pole Fitness 

5:00 - Children's Aerial Hoop 

6:00 - Private Lessons

7:30 - Beg & Inter Pole Fitness  

8:30 - Inter & Adv Pole Fitness 


6:30 - Intro to Pole Fitness 

6:30 - Intro to Aerial Hoop 

7:30 - Body Flex


6:30 - Anti Gravity Yoga

7:45 - Pole Choreography

8:45 - Beginners Pole Fitness 

8:45 - Intermediate Pole Fitness 


6:00 - Advanced Aerial Hoop 

7:00 - Intermediate Aerial Hoop 

7:00 - Beginners Aerial Hoop 


Private lessons / workshops

Subject to availability and schedule. See our live timetable to for  more details


AntiGravity® Yoga

AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga is a unique kind of workout, taking inspiration from yoga, pilates and dance. It involves a series of suspensions, stretches and inversions performed in the revolutionary silk hammock.


Whilst improving flexibility & core strength, it also gives your body the chance to hang freely, allowing your spine to lengthen and hydrate.  This in turn allows pressure to be released from joints and muscles, aiding stress relief and improving mobility, muscle function and proprioceptors.


AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga is a complete workout designed to get you in shape whilst realigning your spine


When it comes to your fitness level, there are no restrictions. Whether you're an avid yoga lover or completely new to the idea, it is a workout that suits EVERYONE! 

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks involves two lengths of fabric rigged from a high point. Learning to climb the silk in a variety of ways will build your strength and get you off the ground. From there, you will learn wraps, tricks and inverts, whilst suspended at height.

Aerial Silks is an intense discipline which will help improve both strength and flexibility.


Lessons are structured to cater to varying levels, from beginner to more seasoned aerialists, with moves and exercises allowing for progression to higher ability levels.