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Aerial Hoop

Within our Children's Aerial Hoop classes, our young aerialists will learn dynamic tricks, hangs and swings whilst suspended above the ground.


The hoop provides the perfect frame for an endless variety of balances, transitions and routines. 


During lessons students will learn how to safely mount and dismount the hoop as well as learning how to gracefully demonstrate their new moves.


Aerial Hoop classes are great for building strength, stamina and increasing flexibility.  Children's classes will focus on mobility based warm ups and safely strengthening joints and muscles. We do this through a series of gentle conditioning and learning new movements.


Classes follow a structured syllabus and are taught within a safe and friendly environment. No previous experience is necessary. Classes are fun, exciting and tailored to a younger audience.

Regular classes run half termly in line with local school term times. We are also delighted to offer holiday workshops and children parties.

Half Term Workshop

Wednesday 2nd June

10:30am - Age 7-11

11:30am - Age 12-16




Summer Term - 5 weeks

24th June - 22nd July



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